Consistent sleep leads to great health and productivity.

3 reasons why you shouldn’t take melatonin:

Reason #1: If you have no problem falling asleep at the same time every day.

Melatonin is the supplement high-level athletes use when traveling to get used to a new timezone fast.

Melatonin makes consistent sleep time easy.

Reason #2: You like…



Stop miracle morning.

Step 1: Plan tomorrow the evening before

Tomorrow’s calendar gets timeblocked to minute-precision for the whole day.

Step 2: Sleep between 9 and 10 pm

(which leads to waking up around 4–5 am)

Consistent sleep time leads to a consistent routine.

Step 3: Start working after waking up

The hard work gets done in the morning without break before 12 am.

(Step 3.5: Lunch & workout)

A break with lunch and a workout if it’s a workout…



Break your pattern.

That’s it.

Thank you for reading.

It can be hard to break your pattern, right?

You may be thinking of something you really wanna change.

But you just can’t do it.

I won’t tell you the complete solution in this post but here’s something you can try:



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